Our Semi-Vegetarian Life

We are Matt and Erin, a couple who loves to cook! We love to experiment with new recipes, eat healthy, and enjoy discovering great vegetarian food (sometimes)! We’ve dubbed ourselves “semi-vegetarian.” It all started in the spring of 2013. Matt got sick, ran out of soccer games to watch while stuck in bed and started watching documentaries. A few of those vegetarian documentaries started sounding pretty intriguing. And so we began experimenting. We started eating a lot more vegetarian meals. And pretty soon, we both felt great. We got sick less, we had more energy and we just felt good! So began our semi-vegetarian life. We still enjoy a juicy steak, some BBQ chicken or a good sushi roll, but the majority of our food is now vegetarian. And the thing is… we don’t miss meat! So we invite you to give it a try! Eat healthy. Eat vegetarian for a while and see what happens!

20130910-083738.jpgOur private cooking class in Cozumel, Mexico a couple years ago!

We hope you find some recipes you’ll try and enjoy as much as we have loved making and eating them! Check back often for our new recipes!


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